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Events & Activities
Art Hotel

In Art Hotel there are business points in which any guests who request availability, could have a comfortable place for doing his/her job. Besides, we offer any kind of information and facilities for those who would love to spend time in the festivities and events of all kinds in our city and surroundings.

Bienal in Valencia
This event appears in 1895 thanks to a non-profit society who wanted to promote culture and art, specially visual art, music, dance, architecture, cinema and theatre.
This initiative surged from Ricardo Selvatico, who was helped by some intellectuals from Venice. They chose “Bienal” due to this festivity is celebrated twice a year.
The first time this event was celebrated was de 30 of April of 1895 and, after that there were many expositions. Each year, this is a magnificent event in which you can learn of these artistic disciplines.

Riviera of Brenta and Padua
In our hotel, we try to offer any kind of help to our guests and we love to help them for visiting new and amazing cities and places like the beautiful Riviera of Brenta or Padova.
Both are perfect destinations in which getting lost is a wonderful idea. There, you will be able to feel all the most pure Italian lifestyle around you and you will definitely fall for their natural atmosphere.
The guest will also have the chance of trying the most representative Italian cooking, traditional dishes that will melt your taste buds.

Cycling Routes
For your vacation, the Art hotel offers on booking some bikes that allow you to explore the surrounding area: many cycling routes leads to the Riviera of Brenta, famous for its villas –spread along the river banks. These villas date from the XVI to XVIII century and witness a strong presence of the Venetian senior class thanks to commerce. Among the most famous villas around the Brenta riverside are included: Villa Pisani, Villa Foscari, known as the Malcontenta and Villa Widmann Rezzonico Foscari.